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Get Over Your Ex – Hypnosis – Instant Download


The Following Product is an MP3 Digital Download of “Getting Over It” hypnosis audio program.

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Get Over Your Ex Now – Hypnosis

Are you heartbroken?
Are you suffering from a breakup, a betrayal or a rejection?

Do your friends tell you “Get over your ex; It’s time for getting over it; It’s time to move forward?”

How do we get over it? How do we move forward? How do we get on with our lives?
How do you put the pieces of your life back together without him or her?

Do you want to break free from the past, from your ex’s painful hold over you?

“Get Over Your Ex Now” hypnosis audio program by Patrick Wanis PhD is the door to new beginnings, to a new world, to new found freedom. If you are still suffering from the past and you want to move on but can’t then this audio program is for you.

Do you:

  • Suffer from sleepless nights?
  • Toss and turn at night thinking about your ex?
  • Feel ill or cry every time you think about him/her?
  • Wake up thinking about him/her?
  • Have no appetite or eat obsessively or compulsively?
  • Feel physically ill?
  • Feel depressed and turn down all invitations to parties or dates with friends?
  • Feel helpless or hopeless?
  • Walk around with thoughts of revenge?
  • Blame yourself for what happened?
  • Long for another chance?
  • Wish it could be different?
  • Call him or her and then hang up?
  • Hear his/her voice or see his/her face wherever you go?
  • Avoid friends and stay in bed all day long?
  • Feel that no one else will ever want you?
  • Feel that no one can ever replace your ex?
  • Think that this was the perfect person for you?
  • Feel that he or she was The One?
  • Feel lost, confused and not good enough?
  • Feel that things will never get better?
  • Put your life on hold for this person?
  • Hate yourself for what happened?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this audio program is for you.

Welcome to “Getting over it.”

This new hypnosis audio program by Patrick Wanis PhD works at a deep subconscious level to help you get over the past, breakups, betrayals and rejection. It uses metaphors, NLP and hypnotic suggestions to help you let go of the past, release past pains and hurts, quiet the mind, alleviate stress and open you with new hope.

This is a powerfully transformational program.

Get ready for one of the most powerful life-changing hypnosis programs ever created.

Get over him or her and get the peace and freedom you want. Be happy again, smile, laugh and express yourself and your body freely, now.
Are you ready for a simple but phenomenally powerful audio program that will change you and your life for the better?

Some people move on after time, but others find it very difficult, almost impossible to get over a relationship. Many people pine, cry, shut down, hide, become depressed, feel hopeless or seek revenge. They continue to dwell or obsess about the past and think about their ex-partner. They can’t imagine that they could ever have a new relationship or be happy with anyone else.

This hypnosis audio program will help change the way you feel about yourself, about your past, your ex and about your future.

  1. Smile again
  2. Be happy again
  3. Sleep well at night
  4. Awaken refreshed after a good night’s rest
  5. Feel alive
  6. Feel joy again
  7. Feel OK if someone ever mentions your ex’s name
  8. Think about your ex with neutral feelings
  9. Start dating again
  10. Feel good about yourself
  11. Realize and accept that there is nothing wrong with you
  12. Be free to make your own choices and express yourself
  13. Have fun and allow others to show you a good time
  14. Have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life
  15. Feel confident
  16. Have lots of hope
  17. Feel good, excited and free with someone else
  18. Get over it and get your power back

If you want to be set free, then begin to use this audio program on a regular basis and watch and feel your life transform and be happy again.

With regular and committed use, understand that this is the closest thing you can have next to having Patrick Wanis as your personal life coach. Realize the benefits at a significant savings. Click here if you are interested in working with Patrick Wanis one-on-one.

We all realize how this deeply effective audio program taps into your powerhouse -the subconscious mind. Imagine the benefits of having Patrick use soothing music and visualization techniques to deeply relax you and suggest new perspectives and beliefs. Patrick’s style is as calming, reassuring and inspiring as his voice. Patrick gives you positive suggestions to change the way you feel and perceive yourself, your past and your ex as well as free you from the past pain and hurt.

This hypnosis audio program is completely safe and can be used daily. Patrick instructs you at the beginning of the audio program on how to use it. You will enjoy using this audio program over and over again so that you can get over it, be free and take your power back!

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