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Weight Loss Hypnosis – Instant Download


The Following Product is an MP3 Digital Download of “Lose Weight Now Hypnosis”.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Imagine a supportive companion helping and motivating you to achieve your goals. Patrick’s weight loss hypnosis audio programs combine soothing music and wonderful visualization techniques to relax you physically and mentally helping to hypnotize you for weight loss. Patrick gives you the support and the suggestions to stop eating unhealthy food and stop over eating and loss weight. Patrick motivates you to exercise and helps you to feel and visualize your ideal shape and weight creating the ultimate weight loss program. People say they look forward daily to hearing Patrick’s voice and style which is calming, reassuring and inspiring.

This weight loss hypnosis audio program is completely safe and can be used daily for weight loss. Patrick instructs you at the beginning of the audio program on how to use it. You will enjoy using this audio program over and over again.

Secrets to losing weight, being thin & loving your body
Patrick Wanis offers a series of six video insights into the real causes of weight and the link between our subconscious thoughts, emotions and weight.


Learn more about the effectiveness and tremendous results of a weight loss hypnosis program with a special documentary conducted by NBC Dateline.

If you are looking for a program to work thoroughy on your emotional issues and subconscious issues connected to weight, buy this program now Secrets to Losing Weight being Thin and Loving your Body

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