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What a Woman Wants And How To Give It To Her – eBook


What a Woman Wants – And How To Give It To Her by Patrick Wanis – eBook

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What a Woman Wants – And How To Give It To Her – eBook

Second Edition completely revised and expanded
Earlier editions were published under the title of “How to meet a girl…”



What does a woman want? What does it take to truly please and satisfy a woman? What is the one thing that a woman is ultimately looking for? How does one connect with a woman at a deep level? What does it take to win over a woman? Are women’s attitudes to sex that vastly different from men? Why do women change sexually once they are married?

Many people have asked me how is it possible for a man to know what a woman wants when women do not even know what they want. Women do know what they want. Many women simply do not know how to verbalize what they want. Women are complex creatures. Women confuse men because men are primarily logical (“thinkers”) while women are primarily emotional (“feelers.”) So how do we figure out what woman really want?

Many men believe that women want only love, while men only want sex. False. There is also a long-standing belief that only men enjoy sex. That is absolutely false. Women enjoy sex just as much as men. Women approach sex differently to men and they look for different things when choosing a partner. Women primarily view sex as emotional while men view sex as physical. Women are also fussier than men when it comes to choosing a sexual partner. Women use their own criteria when deciding whom they will or will not sleep with, and men generally have major misconceptions about what are women’s criteria.

It is true that women generally don’t move as fast sexually as men do, but the Feminism movement has changed the parameters of the dynamics between men and women. Feminism is the belief that women should be liberated as individuals and equal to men. For some women that liberation means they have new views on sex.

Accordingly there are five types of women with regards to sex:

  1. The woman that uses sex to win/please a man
  2. The woman that is looking for physical sex
  3. The woman that has frequent sex with different partners
  4. The woman that refuses to have sex
  5. The woman that seeks emotional connection via sex

Some insecure women will have sex with a guy they just met to please him and gain his approval and acceptance. Some women will have casual sex frequently with different partners. Often these women have a history of sexual abuse as children, and as they get older will eventually turn against sex, and loathe it. Some women refuse to have sex. They may have been molested as children (and are anti-sex), or they are saving themselves for marriage. Most women, though, fall into the last category (seeking emotional connection via sex), while a small percentage are looking for fun and adventure without commitment. On any given day, a woman may fall into a different category. In other words, the woman that normally seeks emotional connection via sex, may today, just be in the mood for plain physical sex, with no strings attached. It is the feminism movement that has made it acceptable for women to seek sex without commitment.

Therefore when you know the techniques, have the right strategy, know what a woman wants, then you can give it to her and win her over at the same time, whether that means sex or a committed, meaningful relationship.

Based on years of research, personal experience, and studies in human behavior, hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (an advanced communication and mind persuasion technique), I will share with you priceless knowledge, tools and techniques of what women want in a man and how to win them over.

In this book I reveal:

What women want in a man

  • What woman want
  • And what woman really want
  • What woman want in a man
  • Amazing secrets about women that will help you to understand what women want
  • How to connect with women
  • How to seduce women
  • The ultimate secret of how to win over a woman
  • How to help her achieve the intense emotional state of love and ecstasy
  • How to get her to initiate sex

Let’s get started.

And how to give it to her
-By Patrick Wanis, 2003



What is the perfect pick-up line?
A few tips
The most powerful pick-up line
Sample openers and pick-up lines that work well in almost any venue and with any age
The very best pick-up line is a…
Pick-up lines to avoid


What does it take to seduce a woman?
Seduction Tricks and Triggers
Control and seduction
Supreme Confidence
The two approaches that attract women
Sincere nervousness



The key to the art of conversation
Sample scenario
The power of a smile
Other tips on the art of conversation
Treat Her Like A Lady
The many different ways to show her you care



What are women looking for in a man? This is one of the most asked questions in history and probably one of the hardest questions to answer.
The myths and beliefs about what type of man attracts women:

  • Money
  • Good looks
  • Power
  • Fame
  • Exclusivity
  • Personality

What a woman really wants

Ultimately there is one thing that every woman wants… Later I explain how you can help bring about those feelings in a woman.
Communicating with women
How men communicate and how women communicate, and why there is often a communication breakdown and what woman want in a man
Touch and body language
We communicate three ways…
Some simple suggestions to help her feel good about herself and, in turn, about you
How to Approach a Woman
How to impress a woman
Gain Her Trust



Physical turn-offs
Behavioral turn-offs


As a hypnotherapist, a common complaint I hear is “We’ve fallen out of love” or “I miss my ex, he was the only person that made me feel so special and in love.” I explain to my clients that, “Whatever you feel when you are with the other person is not created by them but by you.” In other words your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife doesn’t and can’t make you feel anything. You give permission to feel and experience something that already exists in you. They don’t put feelings in you; they spark the feelings that already exist in you.
The key to win over a woman is to help her experience that intense state of love and ecstasy with you!


Determining the best venues to meet women according to the type of woman you want to meet and really seduce want woman


Human Pheromones directly stimulate a person’s sexual behavior
Studies in Pheromones
How to use Pheromones 
Beware of pheromones made from monkeys


Almost every one of us has experienced meeting someone for the first time and the other person says, “I feel like I have known you forever.” Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP.) and hypnosis offer techniques to create this feeling with almost anyone and to connect and communicate with the deep recesses of the minds of that person and accordingly affect change.
The technique of how to lead a woman into thinking and feeling that you are the man of her dreams
How to build instant rapport
How people express themselves in language
The five representational systems
Breathing and speaking
Keeping it simple
Mirroring and matching
How to access and recreate in a woman the emotional state of love and ecstasy
How to link and anchor her emotional state of love and ecstasy to you


Now that you understand the basic steps and process required to win over a woman, let’s look at all the strategies necessary to seduce a woman.
Act now
Successful communication
Supreme confidence.
No begging
Nothing to lose
Don’t take it personally
Bitter girls
Never give up
Succeed by first failing
Be humorous
Be flexible
Don’t take it seriously
Focus on her
Impress her
Don’t ask for her number
Compliment without emotion
Ask questions -show sincere interest
Mirror and match
Pacing and leading
Keep the phone call short
Put the ball in her court
It’s OK to walk away
Get a life
Take charge
Show your emotions
Set your standards
Focus on what you want
Mental picture method
Believe it
It’s not about you
Game over
Saying Goodbye


The kiss can open or close the door to a woman’s heart and body.
What’s in a Kiss?
How to handle the initial kiss
How to kiss passionately
How to French Kiss
Who women want to kiss
Men and kissing
Women and kissing
Kissing and sex
What kisses women want
Now let’s talk about where they truly like being kissed…
The top eight worst kisses
What women feel to be the kisses that shoot down their libido and are ultimate turn-offs:

  • Deadly Breath
  • Boring me to death
  • It’s flooding
  • Silence
  • Crocodile Skin
  • Rough ride
  • I can’t breathe
  • DOA


The term aphrodisiac refers to something, such as a drug or food that arouses or intensifies sexual desire.
Types of aphrodisiacs
Aphrodisiacs and the six senses


  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Fragrances
  • Prescription products
  • Natural products
  • Spices
  • Miscellaneous

Aphrodisiac spices
Aphrodisiac Food
Aphrodisiac actions

What else you can do that will act as an aphrodisiac to excite your woman, even when she is your wife!



Putting it all together



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